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Quality links coming to your website are termed as Link Popularity. For better Search Engine ranking a websites Internal and External link popularity is calculated at prior level.

What is Link Popularity?

The two main factors that manage how highly your site will rank in the Search Engine Results for a certain keyword are "Relevance" and "Reputation."

Relevance is a measure of how easy it is for the search engine to tell that your web page is really about the search term that’s been used. We have some page techniques to improve your relevance with on-page Search Engine Optimization.

Reputation is calculated by the number of links coming into your website and the quality of those links. The most common term for that is “Link Popularity."


Link popularity defines, how many other links point towards your website. Link popularity also has two different forms:

Internal Link

An internal link is a type of hyperlink on a webpage to another page or resource, such as an image or document, on the same website or domain

External Link

External Links are hyperlinks that point at any domain other than the domain the link exists on.

Internal link popularity refers the number of links to the website from web pages that belong to the particular website. External link popularity refers the number of links from outside sources that lead back to the particular website. Finally, websites with high link popularity have what is called link cardinality or link superiority and have a reputation for being informative, as well as ranking highly on search engines. Link popularity is also a method that many search engines take when deciding where to rank websites.

Having a high link popularity is an exceptional way not only to build a website but to also show others how good the website it. When other web pages link to a specific website it draws extra traffic to that website, as well as giving it what constitutes as votes in the search engine rankings. When two websites with very close levels of search engine optimization and information are being ranked by a search engine, more often the search engine will choose to rank the specific website with the higher link popularity first on search engine results pages.

The philosophy behind link popularity is that the popularity of a specific website will reflect the value of the website. If the website or web page is information-rich, well thought out and good-looking, common sense says the particular website will have high link popularity. On the other end of the spectrum, websites that are poorly created will have less link popularity and will be less attractive.

The importance of link popularity is also calculated in different ways. If the particular website or web page that has high link popularity has a high rank on major search engines such as Google, and Yahoo then chances are that the inbound links are from major websites. Inbound links from more unclear websites such as home pages for individuals and blog posts for individuals do not have as much impression on the search engine rank for the particular web page or website. The inbound links from key websites also carry more weight for the link popularity as a conception and not just a number, based on the idea that quality websites produce quality inbound links.


How Can You Build Your Link Popularity?

 There are different ways to build your link popularity. Here are a few.

  • Quality Content attracts visitors will encourage links without your having to ask for them.

  • A listing in the Yahoo Directory can impact your link popularity because it’s a valued link source.

  • A listing in the Open Directory Project is another valuable directory to be listed in.

  • Current Directories related to your industry are another good source of quality links.

  • Vendors and other business partners can provide links that are concentrated and keyword specific.

  • Participate in email newsletters and online forums that relate to your business. When you suggest good advice to someone, a link to your website in your signature line at the bottom of your posting is a valued addition to your link popularity.

  • If you write useful articles about the general subject matter of your business, you can post them online for editors of other websites to use when they need extra content for their own websites. When they use your articles, each one has a link to your website.

  • Sometimes it’s essential to request that other websites link to yours.

Correct Linking Methods

Focusing your link campaign on exact methods can have lasting, long-term effects on your site's search engine placement. There are a few procedures to keep in mind as you look for link companions.

  • Look for importance on a site.

  • Retain your site focused and its links focused.

  • Know who is paying attention to you and who you want attention from.

  • Be innovative and willing to share appropriate information.

Having quality links will not only help you increase popularity because they will feed you good traffic, they will also most likely improve search engine ranking. A well-structured site has well-structured and significant information, including links.

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Building Link Popularity | SEO | Checkdeinfo

Quality links coming to your website are termed as Link Popularity. For better Search Engine ranking a websites Internal and External link popularity is calculated at prior level.

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