Google Adsense & It's Work

Google AdSense provides a way for website owners to earn money from their online content. AdSense works by matching text and display ads to your site based on your content and visitors.

What Is Google Adsense? How Does Google Adsense Works?

Google Adsense: If you are a beginner to Adsense, you may have heard about Google Adsense or seen the Adsense ads when you searched something on Google and invited a website that is using Adsense.

Highlights of Adsense:

  • It is owned by Google

  • It generates a large part of Google’s income

  • Adsense ads are shown on the websites that perform in the Google Adsense program, these are called the Adsense publishers.

  • Adsense is a platform for publishers i.e. those people that have a website and want to show Google ads. The system for advertisers i.e. those who want to advertise their products or services on Google is Google Adwords.

  • Adsense ads can be shown on mobile devices also.

  • Publishers will get paid per clicks on ads appearing on their websites.

  • Currently, Adsense publishers receive 68% of the click cost and Google receive 32%. This means if an advertiser pays $1 for each click to ad, the Adsense publisher will get $0.68 and Google $0.32

  • Adsense has tough rules that should not be opposed for any reason. It is your responsibility as an Adsense publisher to know and follow the rules.

  • Adsense has a number of products like desktop websites, videos, games, mobile apps and more.

  • Adsense has can have a number of formats and sizes including text and images.

  • Adsense publishers get paid monthly by Google.

How Does Google Adsense Work?

Now you have a better idea of what is Adsense, let’s see how it works in a  step-by-step mode.

Application Process:

Create Adsense Account: The first step is to go to and create an account. Your Adsense account is associated with a Google account.

Ad Adsense To Your Website:

Before being accepted to the program, Google needs to check your website for the Adsense guidelines. To pass this step, you need to add Adsense code to your site so that the Google crawler can approach your website’s content.

This is a very important step because as we will see below there are causes that your application may not be accepted.

Until you are fully approved, Adsense ads are not shown on your website but they are covered by default. If your application is accepted, ads will start to show and you will get paid for the clicks.

This is an offline process while you are accepted as an Adsense publisher, you can run Adsense on any website you want.

Setup Your Payment Information:

The next and final process in the application process is to add your payment information so that you receive payment and the end of the month and once you have passed the minimum threshold of $100. Please note that before earning money from Adsense, Google will verify your postal address by sending you an envelope with a confirmation code to make sure that the details you provide to your postal address are correct.

Ad Placement:

Where do the Ads appear:

When you are a verified Adsense user, you can log in to your dashboard and create a new ad unit. When creating an ad unit you will select the size, type, style and then you will be given a code to enter on your website where you want the particular ad to appear. In the space provided Google may decide to show one or more ads.

How many Adsense ads can you show per page:

In any given webpage, you can show up-to 3 Adsense units.

Where should I place my ads:

You can use these simple rules:

  • Place 1 ad unit above the fold in the main content of the website (not sidebar).

  • Place 1 ad unit in the sidebar. The 160*600 format is very good for placing in the sidebar.

  • Place 1 ad unit at the end of your page or article (preferably in the main content area).

How does Google decide what kind of ads to show on my website:

As there are many factors taken into account before an ad is shown. You can assume that Google will try to show ads that are relevant to your content and interesting for your users. In case you want to block an ad from showing, you can do so by visiting “Allow and Block Ads” in your Adsense account.

How much money can you make with Adsense:

The amount of money you will make from Adsense depends on:

  • The amount of traffic your website receivers

  • The type of traffic

  • The number of advertisers in your niche

  • The type of content you have on your website

  • The position of your Adsense ads

How to increase your chances of being accepted by Adsense:

If you once look at Adsense forum, there are many people grumbling that their applications for joining the Adsense program were rejected. The most common reasons are:

  • Website was violating Adsense guidelines

  • Website has little content

  • Website had no original content

  • Website has only duplicate content

  • Domains was new

To increase your chances by accepted to Adsense follow these simple rules:

  • Make sure that your website has a lot of content

  • Make sure that your content is unique and original

  • Make sure that your pages do have text content

  • Make sure that you placed the test code in all your pages and that you have ad units above the fold.

  • Do not apply for an Adsense account if your website is less than 3 months old. For some countries, you may have to wait for your domain to get at least 6 months old being accepted to Adsense

Conclusion: Adsense is the great way to make money online. It’s easy to use, it works better than the other platform. Adsense works by giving you the opportunity to create ad units of different types and sizes and add those to your website. If you don’t have an Adsense account, the first step is to apply and get accepted to the program and then hope that somebody you will also be featured on the Google Adsense success.

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Google Adsense & It's Work

Google AdSense provides a way for website owners to earn money from their online content. AdSense works by matching text and display ads to your site based on your content and visitors.

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