Off-Page SEO Techniques

List of latest and proved SEO off-page strategies and techniques we must focus to rank website on first page. Suggest SEO Trends & Techniques for 2017 and 2018

Off-Page SEO techniques:

SEO simply stands for Search engine optimization. This is useful for where you build up your pages and apply certain techniques to help you rank as high as possible on search engines result pages. The higher your pages can rank and get traffic on Google/Bing/Yahoo/etc.

Off-Page SEO refers to all the things that you can do directly off side your website to help you rank higher. Some of the most effective ways to increase your page rankings on search engines.

Best Off-page SEO techniques:

  • Social Networking Sites: Social networking usage is high in these days, it would be known as online reputation management, getting involved with social media sites is the fundamental step with which you begin to advertise, market and build your online reputation.You need to sign up for the most popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc., and create yourself a profile of your own. This allows you to extend your online network of contacts, to connect and interact with your friends, to share thingswith each other, and most importantly promote your website/blog and help build your online Reputation.

  • Blogging: Blogging is one of the best ways to promote your website online. By writing a  blog for your website, you give a reason for visitors to keep returning to your site and keep up to date with your latest posts. It also helps search engines to crawl your site more frequently, as they have to update latest blog posts entries, which ultimately helps you rank higher in search engine result page. You need to include unique content for your blog. Try to remember to be clear and brief in what you are trying to convey to your readers within your blog posts, don’t waffle. To help to promote your blog, submit it to blog directories and blog search engines. If you are not very good at writing content for your blog, then you could always hire a Guest blogger for your blog ask someone to write unique content so that your blog can gain more credit from a search engine point of view.

  • Blog Commenting: Post comments on other blogs within the same links as yours, which allow you to add a link in the comments section. This links can be crawled by search engines, it is helping towards your site. These blogs are commonly referred as DoFollow blogs.

  • Forum Posting: Find forums that are related to your site and get sophisticated within that community. Reply to threads, answer peoples question, offer advice, etc. This all helps to build up your reputation as someone who is an expert on that topic. Try to use Dofollow forums so that you can include a link to your site within your website name, which helps search engines crawl your site.

  • Search Engine Submissions: Search engines will eventually find your site online, but it will take some time. But it will raise the speed up, you should submit your website to the most popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

  • Directory Submissions: Many people may say that directory submission is expired. I believe that it is not as you are increasing the likelihood of people seeing your website. It is based on how productively we are selecting those directories and how efficiently we are choosing the category for submissions. You can submit to general directories, but for maximum development, you are better off submitting to niche directories.

  • Social Bookmarking:  Social bookmarking is a great way of promoting your website. Submit your latest blogs posts and pages to the most popular bookmarking sites. Search engines like these types of sites because the content on these sites is updated regularly. You should be very careful while handling the tags which are very essential to broadcast your news on a wide area network. It will increase your website traffic based on how energetically you have participated.

  • Link Baiting: Link baiting is another popular way of promoting your site. If you really produce a popular unique post on your website, then other people may want to link to it. Maybe you have copied another website’s content on your site, don’t forget to place their website link as a hint. If your content is accurate let others do it for you. This is another way to increase your link popularity.

  • Photo Sharing: if you have used any of your own photos or images in your site, then you can share on many major photo sharing sites. Other people will be able to see and comment on them, hopefully following a link to your site.

  • Video Marketing: It is just like photo sharing, if you have any videos that you have used on your site, then you can submit them to sites, allowing people to find your content in other ways.

  • Business Reviews: Write a review about other business or ask your friends/clients to write a review of your business in major business review sites.

  • Local Listings: Depending on site, you might find that listing in local directories may be useful. You can promote your website with local business, therefore instead of going global and facing huge competition, listing your website locally, so that search engines can easily view your website and fetch the content, will be much better. This will help you to reach a targeted audience. Submit your website to local listing sites like Google local, maps, Yahoo local, etc.

  • Article Submission: If you write your article yourself, then you can submit them to popular article directory sites. This can help drive traffic to your site, and you can also gain some links to your site from other people. It’s usually a slower process.

  • Social Shopping Networks: If you run an e-commerce website, then a good strategy for advertising and branding your products for free is to submit to online shopping sites. By submitting your products to online shopping sites you increase the likelihood of people finding the products that you are selling.

  • Question & Answers: You can actively participate in question & answers sites. By answering and asking relevant questions on your site, you help to build up your reputation as someone that is an expert in your chosen field. You can place a link to your website in the source section if mandatory so that people can easily find your site. If you don’t spam, this is another great way to increase your link popularity.

Conclusion: By doing off-page techniques for your website, It will rank higher in the search engine result page. This will also mean more visitors to your website.

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Off-Page SEO Techniques

List of latest and proved SEO off-page strategies and techniques we must focus to rank website on first page. Suggest SEO Trends & Techniques for 2017 and 2018

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