What Is Sitemap In SEO?

When it comes to improve your rankings, a XML sitemap can be a really good for gaining better rankings. Understand what is mean by SEO and differences between the XML sitemap and HTML sitemap.

What is Sitemap in SEO? Difference Between the XML Sitemap & HTML Sitemap.

A Sitemap is basically the website map that contains information of all located source on a website. It helps users, as well as search engines, to easily analyze a website for their required substance. In another site, it also helps them to improve their search results and indexing experience.

What are the different types of Sitemaps?

There are importantly two types of Sitemaps:

  • HTML Sitemap (Hypertext markup language)

  • XML Sitemap (Extensible markup language)

XML Sitemaps can have two types:

  • Index Sitemap (how many URL sitemaps have a website)

  • URL Sitemap (A web page contain final information of URL)

HTML Sitemaps are  divided into three categories:

  • Sitemap for web pages (commonly known as XML sitemap)

  • Image Sitemaps (website images and their URLs)

  • Video Sitemaps (web pages have embedded videos and their details)

So, finally free of Sitemaps is:

  • XML Sitemap

                           Index Sitemap

                           URL Sitemap

                                           Sitemap for web pages

                                           Sitemap for Images

                                           Sitemap for Videos

  • HTML Sitemap

What is an HTML Sitemap: HTML sitemap is a website sitemap that contains total information about the website source and their location. These sitemaps are mainly for users to boost them to find their choose item on the website or to search the website easily. HTML sitemap links the resources internally and internal links help in improving the keyword ranking, this sitemap also helped linked web pages in their ranking with search engines.

What is XML Sitemap: XML is basically a language that stores information is a predefined format. This format is not understandable by humans but search engines to understand what is written in it and the purpose of writing. XML sitemaps are mainly for search engines to have a website map with internal and external resources of a website with their related information. Fast and secure indexing of website by search engines depends on these sitemaps.

In XML sitemap we write information about the substances like locations of availability, importance, types of object, how frequently it gets changes etc.

Difference Between the HTML Sitemap & XML Sitemap:

A Sitemap is very important for Search engine optimization. When you have created a sitemap, you need to submit it to Google webmaster tools so that Google can crawl your sitemaps. However, one of the most common question asked by webmasters is that which sitemap they should choose-XML sitemap, HTML sitemap or both? It all depends on your website purpose. One of the main difference in two is XML sitemap is helpful for search engines, and HTML sitemap is helpful for users.

HTML Sitemap:

HTML sitemap code is specifically designed for search engine spiders. As its root, XML is a file that includes all of the resource activity on a website. Not only website main URL, but the all the URLs within the site along with the related metadata. This can include when the URL was last updated, how important it is, URLs relation with the site.

XML Sitemap:

For many long years, HTML was used to create web pages. Every web page was made with HTML. The major difference between the XML sitemap versus HTML sitemap, it basically means that the person writing the program or code gets to decide the what tag means. But XML sitemaps are not linked to from the official website, but on the domain, it would say example.com/sitemap.xml. It really helps to increase the crawling and indexing of a website. If your website is crawlable and indexable then you won’t have to worry about search engines finding all of your good important pages. But the XML sitemaps really helps search engines crawl through your site in a dynamic way, it alerts search engines to your presence and makes sure you are getting all of your important pages represented.

The internal or HTML sitemap is linked to every single web pages of your website. We need an HTML sitemap to give users a unique experience by promoting user direction. If a user goes into your HTML sitemap, you want to make sure all of your important categories, major subpages are represented.

Choose XML Sitemap, HTML Sitemap, or Both?

The XML sitemap feeds Google spider so it can see what pages you have on your website, including all internal page. XML sitemaps also connect your web pages more freely.

HTML sitemap is also important. It is just a page with links on it, preferred links that describe what that page is about so that a user can click on the sitemap and see exactly what you have on your website. It makes the process is similar because website users are not familiar with your site. Therefore, HTML sitemap is important for the users and also important to track how visitors use your website as well. The best thing is you should use both XML sitemap and HTML sitemap for your website.


Both XML and HTML sitemaps help search engines crawl your website. Having both sitemaps will keep you confident and secure and you know that you are not missing out anything of SEO audience point of you. You can provide that Google can find you, your pages and you can present your users.

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