How To Track & Measure SEO Results

Every business has unique techniques, as per website content and other strategies, google calculate tracking and measuring results through analytics.

Tracking And Measuring SEO Results:

Business planning not only involves business goals, but also determine the measure and success of the business goals. This is particularly important with online initiatives. Many firms and individuals think of search engine optimization as a primary method of increasing website traffic. However, when approaching SEO, online strategies should access this and other measures of SEO success.

There are many analytical measures, as well as software applications available for use when considering the success or failure of SEO strategies. A complete understanding of these should be a necessity of any SEO consultant or in-house SEO professional, as they will be integral in measuring the firm’s SEO success.

The Three Most  Common Measures of SEO Success:

  • Ranking: This refers to a website’s position in search engine results. Firms listed on the first page of search results have more credibility in the mind of the consumer. Users are more likely to purchase a products or services from a company who appears on the first page of search results. More keywords ranking higher means more traffic.

  • Traffic: Improving a website’s ranking generally increases the amount of traffic to the website. You have to maintain month-to-month comparison of conversions directly from search. They also want to increase the number of links on third-party website channel traffic to their webpage, in addition, to increase the traffic, also have the effect of increasing both new and repeat visitors to the website, while social media marketing can draw in a new audience and spread marketing messages far and wide.

  • Conversions: Increased ranking and traffic mean little if, once on a website, customers are not  forced to perform a particular action. Most of the clicks automatically think of conversions in perfect sales terms, but depending on the firm’s inbound marketing and overall sales strategy, there can be multiple times of conversions, finally leading to a sale. As with conversions, there are multiple ways to refine how one measures rankings and traffic. Firms can determine if there is the particular search engine in which they wish to improve their rank, what keywords search results in which they wish to appear extended, and more, as well as set specific targets by specific deadlines.

More SEO Measures And Trends:

  • Number and Quality of referring sites

  • Keyword Rank

  • Traffic and Conversions resulting from keywords

  • Engagement

  • Domain Authority

Common Analytics programs For Measuring SEO Success: It is important to understand what the competition is doing as well. Keyword intelligence tools like KeywordSpy, SpyFu, SEMrush, or other show SEO professional how the website of competing websites rank for specific keywords. This can be invaluable information that can be used to inform site improvements, such as a new content development and changes in site navigation, as well as test the effectiveness of changes that are made. Many applications and methods allow firms to track and measures the results of their SEO tactics.

Analytics Strategies To Measure SEO Success:

  • Organic Search Traffic

  • Measure the quality of SEO traffic

  • Assigning Dollar values to organic traffic

  • Identifying slow landing page time

  • Create your own SEO dashboard

  • Turning a challenge into a strength

  • Timeline of organic visitors

  • Top SEO landing pages

  • Top organic keywords and % of new visitors

  • Pages per visit by organic keyword

  • Most successful keywords by goal achievements


Conclusion: Every business is unique and every website has different metrics that matter, these strategies are used Google analytics to report the success of your business SEO efforts.

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How To Track & Measure SEO Results

Every business has unique techniques, as per website content and other strategies, google calculate tracking and measuring results through analytics.

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