Website Tracking And Redirects

Based on your browsing history web trackers manage to show the interesting stuff in form of ads or websites related to your browse history. Website redirects is to sending form the requested URL to different URL.

Website Tracking

Web Tracking is the action of a website to keep tabs on website visitors. As you might expect, Web tracking is meant to better your experience online with that website much in the same way television commercials are intended to improve your life when you watch TV. TV commercials pay for the TV shows that are on. We follow that.


How you're tracked

Bugs fixed in websites report back to the web manager whenever you've viewed a page. Many sites use "cookies" to pick stats on your browsing history, and even your main social networks could play a part in keeping tabs on you.

And all this result without your knowing a thing about it. It happens totally in the background, behind the scenes, and without your know how or support.

Between all your favorite websites, thousands of advertisers, and online catch companies, there's bound to be a handful of groups that want to know what you're doing.

The Web browser Firefox discharged new elements called Lightbeam that give you the sight of who it is that's tracking you when you're online.

It lets you follow the tracking action for your online behavior, and it will give you a clear optic idea of what's going on with personal web action.


Website Redirects

Redirects is the case of promoting one URL to a different URL. There are three main types of redirects 301, 302, and meta refresh.


What is a Redirect

Redirect is the process of sending users and search engines from the requested URLs to different URL temporarily or permanently. The following are the some of the types of redirects.


301 Moved Permanently

A 301 Redirects is an enduring redirect which passes between 90-99% of link juice to the redirected page. 301 indicate to the HTTP status code for this type of redirects.

In most occurrence. The 301 redirects are the method for carrying out redirects on a website.


302 Found/ Moved Temporarily

A few of Google's employees have notable that there are cases where 301s and 302s may play similarly, but our witness suggests that the safest way to ensure search engines and browsers of all kinds give full credit is to use 301 when forever redirects URLs.

The Internet rush on an agreement called HyperText Transfer Protocol which precept which dictates how URLs work. It has two major Versions, 1.0 and 1.1. In the first version, 302 referred to the status code "Moved Temporarily". This was changed version 1.1 to mean "Found".


Meta Refresh

Meta Refresh is a method of instructing web browsers like chrome, firefox, opera, safari to automatically refresh the web page or frame with new content. It is used in HTML elements with a parameter set to refresh and content. It is also possible to fetch a different URL when meta refresh parameter page is refreshed. We can set the time in seconds within how much time the page will be refreshed.


Place inside

to refresh page after 5 seconds:


Redirect to after 5 seconds:


Redirect to immediately:


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Website Tracking And Redirects

Based on your browsing history web trackers manage to show the interesting stuff in form of ads or websites related to your browse history. Website redirects is to sending form the requested URL to different URL.

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